About Me

Hello my name is David “Outl1n3” I have been sculpting for over a decade. (Well really I’ve been sculpting my whole life. My favorite toy growing up where Legos and my father was a carpenter. I would spend my time nailing boards together to creat small houses when I was a kid.) I started messing around with clay in high school my sophomore year 2005 I loved it so much I decided to stick with it all the way up to my Sr. year in 2007 and I was part of the ceramic club as well.

My music has played a big influence on my style. I listen to more of a traditional style of 50’s Rock n roll mixed with modern Punk rock mixed sprinkled with Surf & Garage and it’s called PSYCHOBILLY . Somewhere in the wild jungle of magazine racks I found a hot rod magazine with a image of a psychobilly tiki in a leather maker with a crooked grin holding a tikimug in the foreground. In the background there are palm trees and a volcano spewing out lava it was done by the amazing Canadian lowbrow artist “Johnny Crapp”. And that caused a spark of interest of “culture & rock n roll”.

In the summer of 2005 i went on a trip to Chi Che Nitza in cancun Mexico, where I was able to climb into the pyramids, and walk the same paths that my ancestors created. All this sparked an interest seeing how everything was made by Earth and Hand, just like I was making in class.

Once I got back to class our 1st project was to make a tea cup, for a Japanese tea ceremony that we’d do before class. And that’s when it hit me I should make a tiki mug!!!! It was all down hill from there.

Once I graduated high school I moved to Los Angeles to attend “FIDM” majoring in fashion design. I went there for a year and I wasn’t feeling it. 2009 I went to LACC and went back to ceramic. Where I felt most comfortable working on a medium I know and love.

My 1st cool job I ever had was in 2011 when I met a artist by the name of Brannon Wright, who does fine art. I joined him during a project for The SkyLine Mansion on Laurel Canyon. From there I assisted on a 9′ tall Houdini and a 3′ bust that resides in the Houdini Estates located on Laurel Canyon. We also designed and modeled some exterior posts for The Lexicon Bulding located in Beverly Hills. At the same time I was vending at Anime expo/ Downtown Art walk selling small sculptures from polymer clay since I had no access to a kiln, also painting.

In 2012 I started to work at LACMA Museum where I met a investor by the name of Cesil a old Vietnam Vet. He loved my art so much that he gave me my first grant in 2013. From there I went into making mugs full time. I joined Echo Ceramics as a member. “Los Angeles oldest ceramic studio” I was able to learn new techniques that I apply to this day. I was selling my mugs to my friends and patrons like Sven Kirsten, Adrian Eustaquio (polypop), Scott Taylor(tikipop) at Tiki Ti.

2013 was the launch into the actual tiki scene, My first tiki event to vend and display art was Tonga Hut thanx to Eric October. I went onto vend at International tiki market place thanks to Chris Garland. A couple weeks later I was at don the beach comber for Tiki Makekè thanx to Samantha Couture. I started to attend Tiki Oasis and venture into other tiki bars out side of LA.